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Baptized by Worldwide Church of God in 1972. No longer regularly attending that organization on a regular basis, but visit sometimes as well as circulate among other splinter groups.

While, I don’t think its wrong to attend Christian organizations, I believe it would be wrong to represent or practice any teachings that are contrary to God’s way of life. I am unable to represent or agree with all teachings of any  physical church organization, and in that sense I am unwilling to worship them in place of God by adhering to all their teachings or governmental directives.

In choosing where to fellowship, I believe it’s important that the environment is reasonably healthy, and that policies and teachings do not overly stifle or destroy spiritual growth. If found to be the case, it is my view that some Godly judgment needs to be exercised, which may mean seeking environments where God’s spirit is able to flow more freely.

I choose to have no other Gods before the true God, and seek to worship him in a spirit of sincerity and truth. My endeavor is to walk according to any understanding or light he chooses to give. I seek to fellowship with others of like mind, and would like to share any understanding God chooses to give, as well as learn from other members that are being led into truth by his spirit.

I realize that I can only walk according to the light that God chooses to give at any one time, and therefore try to keep an open mind by listening to other members of the body. Hopefully, I am willing to admit any wrong understanding as light is shown.