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Different types - One Reality

God uses more than one physical type to depict the same spiritual event (whether that event takes place at the conversion level or spirit being level).

When writing an article about the meaning of the Memorial of Teruwa (“ Feast of Trumpets”) I saw where God employed the above method. I discovered many analogies/types that pointed to the one final reality (What the Feast of Teruwa pictured). However, I found that each type/analogy gave different detail of the final reality it pictured – and together they gave the full meaning.

Examples of God’s method mentioned above are as follows:

Example 1) Spiritual being level reality: Kingdom of God, consisting of Spirit Beings living God’s way of life free from Satan.

Typified by: a) The seventh day Sabbath

                     b) The land of Canaan

                     c) The Millennium


Example 2) a) Conversion level event: justification by baptism with the Holy Spirit.   

                    b) Spirit being event: literal death of your human existence along with your carnal nature, upon being changed into a spirit being.

Typified by: a) Removal of ALL leaven at the beginning of the Days of Unleavened Bread

                     b) Physical  Circumcision

                     c) Christ’s Crucifixion (Romans 6:6).

                     d) Baptism with water